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About Points Created

Points Created evaluates overall performance.

It comprises all current primary and secondary statistical categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocked shots, missed shots (both field goals and free throws), turnovers, and personal fouls. Essentially, Points Created adds the good things a player does and subtracts the bad things.

The ever-fluctuating Value of Ball Possession (VBP) makes Points Created work. The VBP is the league’s average points per possession. Last year, NBA teams scored an average of 90.6 points per 100 possessions, making the VBP .906.

Based on the VBP, each category is assigned a value. For example, because a ball possession was worth .906 last year, each rebound––which is the act of gaining possession of the ball––was .906 points. A turnover has the opposite effect; it is the loss of a possession and therefore, was worth the negative value of ball possession, -.906 last season.

When each category is weighted and a player’s stats are calculated, a single number results––the points a player “creates” through his overall play, a bottom-line stat that reveals his value.

Points Created is valuable in many ways. It is comprehensive, and can be used to evaluate players and teams on any level of basketball, in any league where statistics are kept. You can use it to study one game, many games, a season, and a career.

It also is useful in far-ranging areas. With Points Created, you can compare players who have been traded, rate prospective draft choices, identify underrated players who are about to bloom, and compare teams against each other.

Finally and most important, Points Created is accurate. It measures overall performance rather than a single skill (such as shooting) or set of skills (such as shooting, rebounding, and shot-blocking). Therefore, the result is a clear composite of a team or player's total performance.

This contention is borne out by facts. For example, the NBA's MVP has ranked in the top 4 in Points Created in 23 of the past 24 years.

Points Created can be likened to a baseball batting average, except that a good basketball "batting average" is .450 and above. The following list will help you interpret the PC ratings.

Above .650
Superstar category. Normally, only a handful of players each season reach this level of performance.

All-Stars are in this range, or either just below or above it.

Good players who are sometimes outstanding fall into this category.

Regulars. Solid players who are either starters or among a team's first seven or eight regulars.

Poor. Players in this category are frequently rookies, or veterans whose skills are declining.

Below .200
Awful. Players in this category are living life on the edge. Most are soon traded or released.



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